With the RECIPWIN© Compressor Performance Program you can quickly compute compressor capacity and horsepower for up to 6 stages of compression! This program was written to provide estimates of reciprocating compressor performance over the widest range of possible operating conditions. The program has been extensively field tested and shown to be accurate for general use with both low and high speed compressor products.

With the RECIPWIN© Program you can immediately predict or verify the effects of any change to the system’s operating conditions. For example, determine if the proposed changes will exceed the equipment design limits, or use the predicted horsepower and capacity values to determine the compressor configuration for the optimum economic performance.

Multiple compressor configurations and pressure & flow conditions can be quickly analyzed. This provides easy optimization of operations and system design. This time saving tool will benefit operations, engineering, and service personnel in the office or in the field.

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All compressor data and the calculated values are displayed on spreadsheet style screens. To enter or change data, simply move the cursor to a data cell and type in a new value as desired (e.g. pressure, temperature, RPM, etc.) All data is visible at all times!  The ease of data entry and editing permit program use by anyone - regardless of their compressor background.

The program will permit input and display in user selected (metric) units of measurement. The program spreadsheets are easily toggled between the standard and user selected units.